We understand coffee growing communities- and how to make an impact.
Our Story
Our story starts with sustainable development.

ID Coffees is the product of many years and countless experiences in sustainable development and coffee sustainability.

We first discovered coffee's potential for improving smallholder farmers’ lives while working on an agricultural development project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  From that time forward, we began to work exclusively on coffee focused sustainable development projects. 

After searching for coffee brands that embodied sustainability and authenticity, for both consumers and producers, we decided to create our own. 

From the lessons we’ve learned along the way, working with farmers, roasters, and consumers, we’ve created a sustainable, Supply Chain Impact Model to connect smallholder farmers to markets (you!).

Why ID Coffees?

We understand coffee growing communities.

Our supply chain impact model increases the amount of money that coffee farmers receive from the price of each bag of coffee, improving farmer livelihoods and quality of life. 

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We connect coffee lovers and coffee growing communities.

Our curated content provides curious consumers with information about their coffee, the origin and the people who cultivated their coffee. 

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We send exceptional coffee straight to your doorstep.

Our coffees and subscriptions are a convenient way to drink great coffee while learning more about coffee, origins and people. 

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