Impact & Sustainability

At ID Coffees, we understand coffee growing communities- and how to make an impact.

We believe coffee can make a difference.

ID Coffees was started by Sustainable Development specialists who want to help consumers understand the true Economic, Environmental and Social Impact of their purchases.  

Our sustainability goal is to improve the lives of the smallholder farmers in our supply chain, as well as the people who drink our coffee. 

We know sustainable development

ID Coffees supports coffee growing communities to achieve their development priorities. 

Our Supply Chain Impact Model increases the amount of money that coffee farmers receive for their coffee. 

The result is a higher quality cup of coffee and improved farmer livelihoods. 

The ID Coffees Supply Chain Impact Model

We shorten the supply chain.

Through working directly with trusted partners at origin, more money goes directly to the producer who grew the coffee.

We trace the coffee from the bean to your cup.

Our traceability system ensures a fair price and provides insight into environmental and social sustainability at origin.

We invest in coffee growing communities.

We pay farmers premium prices and ensure that 5% of profits support sustainable development in the farming communities who grew the coffee.

We support the flow of information and resources.

Our premium coffee and curated content help conscious consumers connect with coffee growing communities.